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The Saturn Series | Upgrading your Saturn Consciousness

The Saturn Series helps to accelerates our awareness of this archetype by diving deep into the nature of Saturn, by studying this archetype closely we see how the old paradigm has left us with outdated idea's and fears around bring this archetype closer to our lives.

This package holds keys and insights into how to work with Saturn in your life. whether you are a practicing astrologer or someone who is just looking to understand themselves better this series really opens you up to see this archetype in more enriching ways.

Learn about how the soul develops its ego, understand the dynamics of self mastery and begin to see how important our Saturn return is for us.

'' What you Get''
*55 minute video presentation on how to work with Saturn.
*55 minute video presentation on the cycles of Saturn.
*35 minute Mp3 audio discussing the infamous Saturn return.
*60 minute Video Saturn through the 12 signs.

Discovering Saturn is a powerful way for anyone to begin being able to embody empowerment in there lives.

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